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I translate text from Spanish to English, expediently and without error. My rates are reasonable and determined according to project. Through scholastic achievement, as well as experience gained from living in Mexico, Guatemala, and Ecuador, I possess the tools necessary to not only translate documents of all kinds—but also to interpret idiomatic phrases and slang terms, and transform them into their English or American English equivalents.

To provide a general idea of my work, rates, and the sorts of things I translate—here is an example:

Time taken to translate and edit syntax: 10 minutes.

La Flor de Nochebuena, una de las plantas más conocidas de las fiestas
navideñas, es nativa de Centroamerica y zonas tropicales de México. La
leyenda cuenta que una noche una niña mexicana, en camino de la misa en 24
de deciembre, lloraba por no tener ningún regalo para dejar en el altar de
la Virgin Maria. De repente, un ángel se le aparecio y le dijo que en el
camino recogiera matorral. Cuando la coloco al pie del altar, brotaron
estas bellas flores rojas. Esta flor se recogiera matorral.

Esta flor se conoce en inglés sleeping aids como poinsettia, en honor al botanico y
embajador Robert Poinsett que llevó algunas flores de regreso a su hogar en
Carolina del Sur después de pasar varios años como embajador de los Estados
Unidos en Mexico.

The poinsettia, a plant most associated for its role in Christmas festivities, is native to Central America and tropical regions of Mexico. Legend has it that once upon a time in Mexico, a young girl on her way to Christmas Eve Mass forgot to bring an offering to place at the alter for the Virgin Mary. As the girl began to cry, suddenly an angel appeared to remind her of the thicket she had passed on her way to the church. As the girl knelt at the altar, the thicket began to bloom with beautiful red flowers.

This flower, known in English as the poinsettia, is named in honor of botanist and ambassador Robert Poinsettia, who brought back a few of these nochebuena to his home in South Carolina after many years in Mexico at the United
States Embassy.

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