Cruelty Free Feather Earrings

rooster feather

I started making feather earrings my second year at college, after encountering a large quantity of peacock feathers at a garage sale. Since I’d already committed to veganism 4 years prior, I asked the person in charge of transactions at said garage sale if she knew the source of the feathers, and the method by which they’d been obtained. Supposedly, she personally gathered them on the grounds of a farm she lived at in the 90s. So, trusting no peacocks were harmed in the process, I purchased the substantially large bag of feathers (which came to about $1, after a bit of bargaining). I then began to make earrings, using the feathers, a glue gun, and french ear hooks leftover from my experimentation in jewelry making as a child. Now, in the teen years of the 2000s, most are aware of the feather earring provigil craze that became especially popular thanks to festivals such as Burning Man, and TV shows i.e. The Real L Word. Despite the prevalence in recent years that this type of jewelry has become popular if not mainstream, my affinity for feather earrings has not faltered. In fact, it piqued my interest and inspired me to sell them. My jewelry is cruelty free (all feathers are sourced from verified sources i.e. feathers are gathered after they are shed, from birds living on farms that rise far above “free range” in terms of their ethical standards). Also, I utilize a wire-wrapping technique that doesn’t involve glue. I exclusively use earring hooks that are hypoallergenic surgical steel and 98% nickel free. 100% nickel free hooks are available upon request, depending on availability.

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