Girls S4E7 “Ask Me My Name” Review

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Girls Season 4 Episode 7

Hannah has bitten the bullet and applied for a teaching position at a private school in NYC. After her grandiose departure from the prestigious Iowa’s Writer’s Workshop, Hannah opened the door to her former Brooklyn apartment to find a slender blonde artist with a shapely nose named Mimi anti anxiety Rose Howard, aka Adam’s new live-in girlfriend. Obviously Mimi Rose had replaced her, and it surprisingly took Hannah only 1 1/2 episodes to get over it. Hannah’s attempts to land a job teaching at a private school paid off, both professionally and in terms of dating prospects. She meets a man named Fran in the teacher’s lounge, and he shows his obvious interest in her by subtly asking her out. They go out, the date goes well, and Hannah looks happy. Yet when Hannah suggests they experience something “cultural” i.e. Mimi Rose Howard’s art opening, it would seem obvious to most seasoned viewers that the plot could take a turn against Hannah’s favor.

Hannah (and her would-be one night stand or perhaps something more) attend the art opening and immediately run into Marni and her self-proclaimed asshole boyfriend/business partner Desi. Hannah promptly kisses Desi on the mouth, and Marni reprimands Hannah for arriving at the art opening of her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. Hannah feins aloof, and continues the facade during a run-in with her ex-boyfriend Adam only seconds after. Her date, the man named Fran, feels awkward and takes a French exit. Hannah, Adam, Mimi Rose, and Mimi Rose’s ex “Ace” exit the art opening en route to the after-party. Mimi Rose and Hannah enter a cab and close the door before Adam can join, as Ace sprints across the street (in his plastic-framed glasses and shorts) into a different cab. Adam tries to negotiate, rationally, regarding the fact that all 4 of them could share a cab—yet the girls (for opposed and conflicting reasons) convince him to ride with Ace. Mimi Rose asks the cab driver his name, and offers what could be interpreted as either genuine or feigned interest in him as a human. Hannah tells the driver to pull over, which results in a collision with an elderly female pedestrian. Hannah and Mimi Rose enter a deli, and bond over mutual annoyance with the cashier’s refusal to give them the key to the employees-only bathroom. They run around the block to a laundromat. After Mimi Rose befriends someone in the span of time it takes Hannah to pee, she tries to introduce said person to Hannah. Hannah acts unamused, and barely acknowledges the presence of Mimi Rose’s “new friend”.

Meanwhile, Adam—while in the car with his new girlfriend’s ex Ace—learns that Mimi Rose plays “games” and that he is simply the newest “pawn” in one of her schemes.

Since neither Hannah nor Mimi Rose had driven the Taxi, the police officers let them off without questioning. They arrive at the after-party to Mimi Rose’s art show, and run into Adam and Jessa.

Adam and Hannah engage in conversation, and Hannah proclaims that she likes Mimi Rose. In classic post-breakup fashion, they both act as if they’ve seen a ghost. Just prior to their meeting, Adama and Jessa discussed Jessa’s plan to score Ace (Mimi Rose’s ex) and her only-slightly concealed expression indicating her realization that Mimi Rose might actually still be in love with Ace, and that Ace might know this. For the first time in all four seasons of Girls, Jessa might actually be the pawn in her own game.

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